I’m an Ashawo musician — Kas

I’m an Ashawo musician — Kas

Popular Nigerian musician, Kas, who quit the show business late 2017 to join the likes of Chris Okotie, Eucharia Anunobi, Soul E, others, as a minister of the gospel, has declared himself a promiscuous musician.

According to the musician turned pastor in a one-on-one with Showtime, he is not an afro-beat singer as he has been described, but a prostituting musician.

Explaining how he transited from the music making craft to the altar, he described himself a prostitute.

“Yes, I’m receiving the anointing from the Holy Spirit, real talk, it’s no joke. I don’t know when people will believe I’m saying the truth. The thing is when you have been called people find it hard to believe. I’m an ashawo musician, I’m not an afro-beat artiste; I always say it that I’m an ashawo musician”, he said with alacrity.

He added that abandoning music to become a pastor was as a result of a covenant he made with God during childhood.

“When I was 7-years old I made a covenant with God that if He can make me a popular musician, in return I will serve Him. God did his part and I became a popular musician but in return I was running. Six pastors at six different times told me that I’m supposed to be a pastor. After a while my mom told me that if God really called me He would reveal Himself to me in a dream. It was like a joke but God later revealed Himself to me and I saw everything from the beginning of the ministry to what it would end up being”, he said.

Speaking on if he would maintain the kind of lifestyle he led before becoming a minister of God, he shocked Showtime with his response.

“There is a chapter in the Bible where Jesus went to Mathew, the tax collector’s house. And going to his house is like going to a strip club. People criticized Jesus for going to a place like Mathew’s house because it was a place of sin. But Jesus told them he came to the world to die for sinners and not the saints, a reason went there. If Pastor Adeboye goes to a bar or a club today, I guarantee you that more than 20-people would follow him, wanting to give their lives to God.”

“As a pastor, preaching all the time in your church is not the real calling. A church is a group of people not the physical building. I dare Pastors Adeboye, Ashimolowo, Okotie, Oyakhilome, and others to go to bars or clubs and preach, the people will give their lives to Christ even more than when you just tell them to come to church and give tithes else you will die. It’s a lie, if you don’t pay your tithe you won’t die”, he concluded.

‘Africa’s answer to Kim Kardashian’ says her 60 inch backside stops traffic

‘Africa’s answer to Kim Kardashian’ says her 60 inch backside stops traffic

By Richard Okotie

Is this Africa’s answer to Kim Kardashian?

With a backside that measures an astonishing 60 inches, Eudoxie Yao is certainly turning heads.

But ‘Queen Eudoxie’ – who weighs nearly 15 stone – claims her extraordinary curves are all natural and insists she has never been under the knife – despite her extreme backside looking like the result of several trips to plastic surgeons.

Eudoxie, from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, happily flaunts her ample behind in tight-fitting clothes – and says she has no intention of ever finding out what size she is.

She said: ‘I’ve never had cosmetic surgery.

‘When I leave my house, people are often surprised and shocked at seeing me.

‘I stop traffic. People are shocked. But they never say anything to my face.‘I’d like to describe my look as ultra sexy.’

She added: ‘I wear a lot of stretchy clothes. I don’t like clothes that are too big. I like tight fitting clothes.

‘People with a figure like mine prefer to wear clothes that hide their shape. I don’t do that.

‘I like to show off my shape, and that can shock people. That’s why I’ve now become famous.’

She has amassed close to half a million followers on Instagram and regularly posts pictures of herself in underwear and bikinis to her followers – and has become somewhat of a celebrity.

She said: ‘I go to countries and fans treat me like an artist. I appear on TV, I go to events. Sometimes I present shows as a hostess.’

Her idol is Kim Kardashian and she’s hopeful of a similar break-the-internet moment.

‘I’ve been compared to her, and what she does,’ she said. ‘She’s definitely my role model.

‘Before, it was all about looking thin. But now, men are more attracted to women with curves. I think it’s changed a lot.’

When she first began posting photos online the cruel comments hit her hard but instead now welcomes the attention.

‘There have never been times when I haven’t felt attractive,’ she said. ‘When I began showing myself off on social media the negative comments used to really hurt me at the start.

‘Often I’d read them and cry over them. Now I just ignore them. I think those who write nasty comments aren’t particularly happy.

‘People have mocked me for my physique. I’ve put on weight and I accept it.

‘No one is going to tell me how to dress. I love my curves! I love my shape!’ Queen Eudoxie said she attracts ‘all types’ of men – but many are intimidated by her.

‘There are others that dream about seeing me. And when they see me, they can’t hide their joy,’ she said.

‘I’m attracted to men who believe in God, who are genuine and kind. Their physique doesn’t bother me. Fat or thin, I’m not interested at all in their shape.’

Eudoxie intends to keep celebrating her body and will keep dressing for herself.

She said: ‘People don’t like how I dress. People judge me – they say I dress too “sexy” and in a vulgar way. ‘I tell them no. You can be big and wear tight fitting clothes. And be at ease in your skin.’

Tanzanian actress,Yvonne Monalisa, David Vandy set to host TAFF 2018

Tanzanian actress,Yvonne Monalisa, David Vandy set to host TAFF 2018

…As Nollywood stars storm Dallas for the filmfest

By Benjamin Njoku

As the African film makers, stars and stakeholders are gearing up for another edition of TAFF, the glitzy and high-profile annual black film festival, holding in Dallas, the United States, organizers have announced award-winning Tanzanian actress, Yvonne Monalisa as well as  Sierra Leonean actor and Voice of America TV host, David Vandy as the hosts of this year’s festival.   

The festival director and founder, Kelechi Eke made the announcement during the week, explaining that the two entertainers  are selected based on their outstanding accomplishements as international stars.

The festival was hosted last years by veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo,RMD, who brought his wealth of experience to bear, while the festival lasted.

Shielding more light on this year’s TAFF, Kelechi who was recently honoured with African Community Achievement Award by a North American group, AFRIFAMU, said the festival will open on June 29, at the Dallas City Performance Hall and climaxes on July 3rd,  with an awards night.

According to him, RMD will be teaching the Master Acting class again this year, while popular film director, Lancelot Imasuen will teach a class in directing.  The classes, he said will be held at Southern Methodist University, one of the most prestigious universities in Texas, which supports TAFF initiative in promoting African Arts and Culture through motion pictures.

While the festival opening night will be a folklore of storytelling sessions by Eclectic Vanessa Danso from Ghana; and Ruth Ndulu Maingi from Kenya, the festival director  revealed that the  Association of Nigerian Physicians in America,ANPA, will be part of this year’s event, as its members will be holding a convention in Dallas ahead of the opening of the festival. ANPA is said to be partnering TAFF to showcase the power of Medicine and Film, as its founder will be delivering a paper at the convention.

Notable film makers who are  expected to grace this year’s  TAFF include: Emem Isong, Uche Jombo, Stella Damasus, Charles Billion, Jim Iyke; US- based Nigerian filmmakers. Also, expected at the event are  Cameroonian filmmakers Kang Quintus, Ruth Nkweti, Terence Limona, Tiana Bibish. Gambian Alhagie Manka; Sierra Leonian Winstina Taylor; Congolese Soleil Marie; Kenyan Hollywood-Based, Benjamin Onyango; and all the practitioners whose work were among the 40 selected films.

According to the organizers, the three-day event will showcase films made by Africans, as well as a few made by non-Africans about issues important to different regions of the continent.

Parents of BBNaija “Double Wahala” housemate Bambam dismiss social media claims

Parents of BBNaija “Double Wahala” housemate Bambam dismiss social media claims

The family of Big Brother Naija “Double Wahala’’ housemate Bambam has dismissed suggestions on social media claiming her parents want her withdrawn from the show.

Big Brother Naija housemates

This is due to the recent social media frenzy surrounding her escapade in the toilet with fellow housemate Teddy A.

Video images of what looked like the two housemates copulating have been circulating on the Internet over the past week.

The actions of these two housemates have caused a resurgence of a wide debate among Nigerians that focused on the immorality of the show.

BBNaija followers have emphasised on Bambam’s claim to be a religious and dedicated member of her church at the beginning of the show.

An alleged member of her church Stephanie Amaty took to social media to express her disappointment in Bambam, who she claimed is a chorister in her parish.

She said “I am personally disappointed in Bamike “Bambam” she is a choir member in my parish’’.

Followers of the show on social media have claimed the parents of the BBNaija housemate have requested to have their daughter withdrawn from the show as a consequence for her wrongdoings in the BBNaija house.

Contrary to those reports, the family of Bambam has released an official statement through Bambams Instagram page appreciating her fans and reinforcing their support for their daughter.

The statement reads “there’s been a false news circulating on social media about BamBam’s parents requesting for her to leave the big brother house to return home.

“This news is very false as the supposed person is not family, friend or even supporter of BamBam, I repeat it is completely false and as such should be disregarded.’’

The family completely disregarded the source of information of the alleged claims and appealed to viewers to continue showing support toward Bambam.

“We do not know the said user from anywhere and have no affiliations with her. Its the work of unscrupulous elements and it is what it is. Thank you for those who stuck out for us and brought it to our notice.

“We crave your indulgence to please spread this news and continue to show your support as we stand together to ensure victory is ours by Gods grace.”

Bambam’s initial game strategic partner Teddy A, had earlier proclaimed in the show to respect Bambams’s religious background by abstaining from any form of sexual intercourse with her.


Oscars 2018: Star Wars' Mark Hamill on why he'd rather watch from home

Oscars 2018: Star Wars' Mark Hamill on why he'd rather watch from home

He’s going to the Oscars for the first time in four decades – but Star Wars’ Mark Hamill says he’d rather be watching the ceremony in his pyjamas.

Hamill – Luke Skywalker in the films – last attended in 1978 when Star Wars: A New Hope was up for best picture.

Speaking at the Oscar Wilde Awards, where he was being honoured, he said it was “much more fun” to watch from home.

Hamill, presenting an Oscar on Sunday, said he hopes the ceremony is “fun and light-hearted”.

He was speaking at the so-called Irish Oscars, where he was one of the honorees, along with Dunkirk actor Barry Keoghan, Home Alone and Schitt’s Creek star Catherine O’Hara and Ray Donovan actress Paula Malcomson.

On the green grass carpet (instead of a red one), he said he’d enjoyed all those years of “watching it in my pyjamas, saying ‘look at her hair!’.”

“Now I have to put on a tuxedo and be part of it because I’m presenting,” he told the BBC. “Believe me, as big an honour as it is, to be part of it, it’s much more fun to be watching it at home.”

In what could be a politically-charged year for the Oscars, Hamill hopes the ceremony gives people a chance to have fun.

“I hope it’s fun and light-hearted, you know?,” he said. “Sometimes it’s shaded by causes and politics but I think it’s a good time for everyone to just relax and enjoy themselves. I know that’s what I’ll do.

“What happens when you present is you go backstage early – and I don’t come back to my seat. I just hang out backstage, eat all the free food and just stay away from my seat – there’s always the seat-filler. Usually they’re much more handsome than I am, so it’s a win-win.”

Hamill will be presenting best animated short at the Hollywood ceremony.

He joked: “They didn’t pick animated short because I’m too short to be a Stormtrooper did they? Oh, they’re so cruel.”

His final Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, is nominated for four awards at Sunday’s 90th Academy Awards, including best original score.

Hamill said of the nominations: “It’s nice but that’s not why you do it – you do it for the passion and that’s why you should do it, not because you think it’s going to win lots of awards.”

As for saying goodbye to the character of Luke Skywalker, he said: “I refuse to believe that he’s gone. My theory is he just teleported to somewhere else and left his robe behind. He teleported to a nudist colony, that’s what I’m hoping.”

The Oscar Wildes are hosted by JJ Abrams, who produced The Force Awakens and is writing, producing and directing the as-year-unnamed Star Wars: Episode IX. The awards are organised by the US-Ireland alliance to celebrate Irish contributions to the industry.

Abrams introduced Hamill at the ceremony, held at his Bad Robot production company in Santa Monica, saying he was “a joy to work with”. They filmed Hamill’s scenes for the film in Ireland, with the actor saying it had been a multimillion pound boost for Irish tourism and that he liked the fact people made pilgrimages to see where it was shot.

Colin Farrell, who co-stars with Keoghan in The Killing of a Sacred Deer, praised the young actor for his recent work including Dunkirk, saying he was the “heart and soul” of the film.

Keoghan had made it on the last flight out of Ireland before the snowstorm hit.

Other guests included Andy Serkis, Aisling Bea and Patsy Palmer.

BBNaija `Double Wahala’ housemates showcase Nigerian art, music, culture

BBNaija `Double Wahala’ housemates showcase Nigerian art, music, culture

Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) `Double Wahala’ housemates, delivered an elegant performance to emerge successful in their latest task, after a week of preparation for the exhibition of Nigerian art, music and culture.

They also won their first 100 percent wager after the task presentation aimed at celebrating Nigerian heritage and culture on Thursday night.

Housemates put in their best wagered performance by performing acts ranging from theatre and music to dance and art all embodied in a truly unique and significant Nigerian way of life.

The housemates were criticised for shabby performances in previous weekly tasks.

However, during the presentation, `Biggie’, owner of BBNaija House, said all housemates performed well and also adjudged that the pair of Nina and Teddy A, stood out with their presentation of music in Igbo language.

Nina, a graduate of Imo state university, thrilled viewers with her African goddess outfit and ability to produce an Igbo song.

Also, her partner Teddy A dressed up in an Igbo cultural attire, embraced diversity by using his talented voice to mesmerise the viewers with musical performances in Igbo language.

The housemates took turns to showcase their distinctive performances with the pair of Bam bam and Rico (Bamco) taking the stage to represent the Western and the Northern culture of Nigeria through the presentation of Nigerian dishes.

Bam bam, who is from a typical Yoruba background in Ogun state, managed to slot into the role as a Yoruba bride to her Northern husband Rico.

Bamco had the task of performing a pantomime about a Northern Nigerian husband and a Western Nigerian wife.

As a Yoruba bride, Bam bam took honour in depicting her cultural identity by serving her Northern Nigerian husband a typical Yoruba soup known as Efo-Riro (Mixed Vegetable).

BBNaija `Double Wahala’ housemates showcase Nigerian art, music, culture

Ahneeka and Angel (Gelah)

The pair of Ahneeka and Angel (Gelah) showcased the Nigerian fashion by using the green natural environment to create a concept of outfits designed with green leaves and flowers.

Gelah’s creativity has been applauded by Nigerians who thought showcasing our agricultural potential was creative.

A fan of the show Eric Orji told News Agency of Nigeria that Gelah’s performance was the most creative among the others. He said “Nigeria is rich in agriculture with vast farm lands; creating awareness like this is impressive”.

The housemates have evidently been creative this week and the pair of Tobi and Alex (Tolex) was no different from the others.

Tolex used their initiatives to show off paintings of rural Nigeria, inspired by some famous rural environment.

While explaining the thoughts behind the paintings Tobi said “art can be used to express anything”.

The pair of Cee c and Lolu who recently witnessed their understanding as strategic partners reached an all time low as a result of disagreements between each other, put their differences aside to produce an educating theatrical performance.

Irrespective of their differences, the pair worked together to show the diversity in Nigerian culture through a short play.

The script required Lolu to act as Cee c’s uncle and also depicted Cee c as a niece who wanted to go abroad because she wanted to be a “slay mama” and Nigeria was not good enough for her.

Lolu advised her by claiming “home will always be home” citing the achievements of some prominent Nigerians in the movie and music industry such as Pete Edochie, King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey.

Some fans took to Twitter to acknowledge the performance.

@Prosdel a regular BBNaija follower wrote “After all the fights, you guys came to give us a beautiful, brilliant and great performance. Good job”.

@Victorochieng wrote: “My heart melt with tears on my cheeks to see this marvellous and beautiful presentation of Ceelo. Lolu thank you for your strong personality and Cee c thank you for showing that you not only full of unnecessary drama but actually a smart and intelligent person”.

@Bethapy: I am not Nigerian but I received a lot of content and understanding from Ceelos’s play.

The winner of the 78-day contest will be given N45 million cash prize and a brand new SUV car.

BBNaija, introduced in 2006, is a special Nigerian version of the continental show Big Brother Africa.