‘You Cannot Arrest Democracy,’ Oshiomhole Faults Timing Of NLC’s Imo Protest

‘You Cannot Arrest Democracy,’ Oshiomhole Faults Timing Of NLC’s Imo Protest

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Imo State staged a protest two weeks ago under the leadership of its president, Joe Ajaero, which resulted in an ongoing nationwide strike by organized labor. Senator Adams Oshiomhole of Edo North spoke out against the protest on Wednesday.

In the run-up to last Saturday’s eagerly anticipated governorship election, the former NLC president claimed that Ajaero had a hand in the election of the party chairman for the south-eastern state.

The Imo State Police Command has been charged with torture after Ajaero was detained on November 1 during a protest and strike by the state’s NLC. He was released hours later with visible bruises.

Oshiomhole noted that the NLC president consequently outlawed international flights.

Imo must be grounded, he ordered, adding that there would be no transport out of it. Many people also questioned the timing, the senator said.

“If you don’t want the governor, there’s even more justification for you to let the people cast their ballots and remove him if the majority of them agree with you.” Democracy cannot be stopped, though.

The current NLC president is from Imo State, according to Oshimohole, “and this is their second showdown with the governor, and the issues are never really clear.” &nbsp ,

He claimed that the first incident involved a disagreement over the workers’ preference for the NLC chairman in the Imo State Council.

Additionally, as Day Two of the Strike begins, NLC pickets banks, courts, and government buildings.

Oshiomhole argued that the NLC president, who was allegedly favored by many people, didn’t like the person.

They conducted their election, which was void, and a caretaker was chosen, who some workers believed to be the president’s favorite.

The senator believes that the NLC president should be viewed as impartial and refrain from “dragging himself into the little issues,” especially when it comes to their own state.

The mother union of the NLC president is the NUEE, which regulates the power supply and deters power in Imo State, according to Oshiomhole, who claimed that the disagreements over who serves as chairman and who is not the chairman led to a declaration of strike.

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