Wayne Rooney ‘granny escort’ Auld Slapper’s heartbreaking life – health woes and sad Coleen plea

Wayne Rooney ‘granny escort’ Auld Slapper’s heartbreaking life – health woes and sad Coleen plea


Patricia Tierney, the alleged escort for Wayne Rooney, spent ten years fighting to clear her name.

Wayne has gained almost as much notoriety for his scandalous life off the field as he has for it throughout his professional football career. The former captain of England has admitted to having affairs with prostitutes, been caught driving while intoxicated, and been detained. The star allegedly had affairs with 48-year-old grandmother Patricia, who was cruelly referred to as the “Auld Slapper,” in a Liverpool brothel back in 2004.

The Rooney documentary, which examines Wayne’s playing career and debuted on Amazon Prime last year, is broadcast on Channel 4 tonight. Coleen Rooney discussed her husband’s numerous allegations of cheating in her most recent Disney+ documentary after he was named Birmingham City Manager.

Patricia Tierney Who Is Suing The Sun Newspaper. For Slander Claiming She Was The Prostitute Who Slept With Wayne Rooney
Patricia Tierney defended her assertions that she wasn’t a prostitute (PA) and was merely working in reception.
In 2010, the 16-year-old grandmother begged Coleen Rooney for assistance in a heartbreaking letter.

Nearly 20 years ago, it was claimed that Wayne frequented a £45-per-night brothel in Liverpool where he allegedly slept with Patricia and Gina McCarrick, who was 37 at the time. These allegations were refuted by mother-of-seven Patricia, and Rooney later admitted to having slept with unnamed prostitutes. “Foolish as it now seems I did occasionally visit massage parlors and prostitutes,” he said in a public statement. I sincerely regret it now, and I hope that everyone can see that it was a common error made by young, foolish people. I was very immature and young at the time.

Coleen later revealed that she and Wayne had not yet had sex when he went to the brothel, despite her silence on the allegations. The truth is, and I’ve never said it before, I hadn’t even shared a bed with Wayne at that point in our relationship. We weren’t in that kind of relationship when I was just 16 years old. In her autobiography, she recalled that we used to meet at the movie theater or the chippy.

Grandmother Patricia, 16, filed a lawsuit to refute The Sun newspaper’s assertions, claiming that she had never worked as prostitute and had only ever served as the massage parlor receptionist at Diva. However, Patricia was cautioned that she might face prosecution for trying to sway the course of justice after it was reported in 2012 that in a statement she made to police in May 2002, she had called the police “a prostitute.” She was never able to clear her name after her attorneys withdrew her £750,000 damages claim.

Police discovered records of Patricia talking about being a sex worker in 2002, which put an end to her legal battle.
She was battling the accusations that she had bedded Wayne at Dina’s massage parlor (PA) in 2004 in an effort to clear her name.

Patricia, who later expressed her sympathy to Coleen, found it to be a heartbreaking defeat. “This should not be happening to the poor girl.” Her health will suffer as a result. All of this is being dredged up again because I feel so bad for Coleen, Patricia said in 2012. “At the time, I was the parlor’s receptionist.” I never had sex with Wayne Rooney and had no idea who he was. After that, I explained everything in letters to Coleen, but she never responded. I’m still fighting to clear my name today, she continued. Legal fees total £500,000 are owed to me. My house has vanished, and I’m sick from the stress. In 2010, it was reported that Patricia, 56, was battling breast cancer and worried she wouldn’t make it through the upcoming 17-hour procedure. As Patricia persisted in trying to tell her side of the story, her “dieing” letter to Coleen was published in the media.

The grandmother once more assured Coleen that she only worked on reception in the handwritten note, which was written by her daughter Patricia Jnr, who was 34 at the time. The letter read, “Dear Coleen, my mother has never been and never has been a prostitute. She now regrets the error she made when she accepted a receptionist position in taverns in exchange for cash. She and Wayne have never shared a bed. Both she and Wayne are aware of it. We can only hope that you or Wayne will come clean and admit that my mother hasn’t slept with Wayne. I want to thank you again for reading this letter. I’m hoping to hear from you. According to reports, Rooney’s advisor told her, “My client cannot help,” and his spokesman said he had “no comment” on the letter. Since then, the grandmother has not made an appearance in the media, and her health issue is unknown.

  • Tonight at 10.15 p.m., the Rooney documentary will air on Channel 4.

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