UK’s Cameron Vowed Military Support On Surprise Kyiv Visit

UK’s Cameron Vowed Military Support On Surprise Kyiv Visit

During an upcoming trip to Kyiv to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has vowed to maintain military support for Ukraine.

As the UK’s foreign minister and a steadfast military and political ally of Ukraine since the Russian invasion, former prime minister Cameron was in Kyiv on his first trip abroad.

Cameron said during a meeting with Zelensky, “We will continue to provide you with the moral, diplomatic, economic, and most importantly, military support that you need not just this year or next year, but for however long it takes.”

“I intended for this to be my debut.” I respect the Ukrainian people’s fortitude and tenacity, he continued.

Zelensky expressed gratitude to Cameron for traveling while the Middle East conflict was the center of attention.

According to images released by the presidency, he told Cameron, “Now you know the world is not focused on the situation on our battlefield in Ukraine, and dividing the focus really does not help.”

Cameron reportedly attended discussions about armaments, arms production, and maritime security in the Black Sea, according to Ukraine’s foreign ministry.

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