Turkey searches Black Sea for lost sailors following deadly storms

Turkey searches Black Sea for lost sailors following deadly storms

One cargo ship was sunk by deadly storms, and Turkey has started a rescue mission to look for the remaining 11 sailors.

At least one sailor was killed and the remaining 11 crew members went missing when the ship capsized in the Black Sea during a storm, according to Turkey’s interior minister.

Over the course of the weekend in Turkey, the ship’s weather front claimed the lives of at least nine people, including the sailor.

According to Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya, the Kafkametler cargo ship, which had 12 crew members on board, capsized 120 kilometers (75 miles) east of Istanbul.

Turkish rescuers used a helicopter to search the waters for the missing sailors on Monday after being initially delayed by the bad weather. According to Yerlikaya, they have found one sailor’s body and are still searching the area for the missing.

Ferrosilicon, an alloy used in the production of steel, was being transported by the Turkish-flagged ship from Temryuk, Russia, to Aliaga, Turkey.

a general state of chaos

Over the course of the weekend, storms in northwest Turkey wreaked havoc, destroying another cargo ship, forcing a prison to be evacuated, and killing at least nine people.

After enduring 5 meter (16 foot) waves close to the coastal city of Eregli, a Cameroon-flagged ship split in two due to treacherous conditions, the Maritime General Directorate reported. The 13 crew members were all saved.

According to Justice Minister Yilmaz Tunc, authorities at Eregli’s prison were forced to relocate inmates to nearby facilities due to rising water levels.

At least four people were killed by storms and flooding in the southeast provinces of Batman, Zonguldak, and Diyarbakir, according to Yerlikaya.

Istanbul’s dams reached their lowest levels in nine years due to the unrest that followed a particularly dry summer.

Source: Aljazeera


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