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Tiger King: New ad demands answers about Carole Baskin's missing ex

Tiger King: New ad demands answers about Carole Baskin's missing ex

Tiger King’s Carole Baskin’s debut on Dancing With The Stars was overshadowed by an advert shown in the break.

It was paid for by the family of the Netflix star’s ex-husband Don Lewis, who is missing and presumed dead.

The family asked viewers to pass on information about his disappearance or Carole Baskin’s alleged involvement.

In the Tiger King series, it was suggested she fed him to tigers at Big Cat Rescue – something she has denied multiple times.

Carole Baskin was given the opportunity to appear on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars after the success of the documentary earlier this year.

In Monday night’s debut she performed a paso doble with pro dancer Pasha Pashkov that opened with him locked in a cage with stuffed tigers.

It was given 11 by the judges but it was the advert in the commercial break that got the biggest reaction online.

It featured Don Lewis’ three daughters – Gale, Lynda and Donna – plus his former assistant, Anne McQueen.

In the short film the eldest daughter Donna says: “We need to know what happened to our father.”

The family lawyer John Phillips also speaks and specifically names Carole Baskin.

“Don Lewis mysteriously disappeared in 1997, his family deserves answers, they deserve justice. Do you know who did this or if Carole Baskin was involved?” he asks.

The family then offer a $100,000 (£78,000) reward for information and asked viewers to call a phone line.

Don Lewis went missing 23 years ago. He disappeared a day before a scheduled trip to Costa Rica, and was declared legally dead in 2002.

He and Baskin started an animal sanctuary together in Tampa, Florida, which later became Big Cat Rescue Corporation. They were married at the time of his disappearance, but he had filed for a restraining order against her two months earlier.

Theories about what happened to him formed part of the hit Netflix series, including suggestions that Baskin, who received most of his $6m (£4.5m) estate, was responsible for his disappearance.

She has strongly and repeatedly denied having anything to do with it.

“The unsavoury lies are better for getting viewers,” she has said.

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Source: BBC 


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