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The Nigerian filmmakers risking jail with lesbian movie Ife

The Nigerian filmmakers risking jail with lesbian movie Ife

By Azeezat Olaoluwa
Women’s Affairs Reporter, West Africa

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International premiere

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Coming out to a Nigerian mother

If July’s trailer, where sex is hinted at but not actually shown, is anything to go by, then Ife certainly pushes the boundaries of telling the LGBT story by Nigerian movie standards.

Two actors on the set of Ife are sat on a couch

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‘It has to be censored’

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Increasing acceptance of LGBTQ people

Inxeba/The Wound, a South African film about a relationship between two men in the context of the Xhosa initiation ritual was also banned from mainstream South African cinemas in 2018.
A 2019 survey of attitudes in Nigeria showed an increase in acceptance of LGBTQ people – though the balance was still tilted against them.

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