Second Taylor Swift fan dies after being fatally stabbed before Eras Tour show

Second Taylor Swift fan dies after being fatally stabbed before Eras Tour show

Before being scheduled to attend a Taylor Swift concert, Gabriel Milhomem Santos was fatally stabbed and passed away.

The 25-year-old was killed just hours before he arrived at Rio de Janeiro’s Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium to watch the pop star perform during his Eras Tour. Early on Sunday morning, he was reportedly stabbed while relaxing on the renowned Copacabana beach.

Following the tragic passing of 23-year-old Ana Clara Benevides, Gabriel is the second Taylor fan to pass away this weekend. She allegedly suffered a cardiac arrest on Friday night at the concert before being taken to the hospital, where she passed away an hour later.

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A fatal stabbing claimed the life of Gabriel Milhomem Santos (CNN).

Gabriel will be buried tomorrow in his hometown of Mato Gross do Sul in the western state, according to his family. He will be laid to rest in the attire he had made for Taylor’s concert as a special tribute to the 25-year-old.

Gabriel’s family claimed that he was “fulfilling a dream” by going to see Taylor’S show in an interview with local media outlet g1. To see his idol perform, Gabriel had traveled from Belo Horizonte to Rio.

He was described as “cheerful, affectionate, and extremely studious” by his family. They continued, “Gabriel is an only child, and even after moving to a different state to study, he has always stayed by his mother’s side.”

Taylor Swift
Tonight in Rio de Janeiro, Taylor Swift will perform (Getty Images for TAS Rights Mana).

Gabriel allegedly went swimming at the renowned Copacabana beach with two cousins. The Messenger claims that Gabriel had fallen asleep when three men walked up to him. When he abruptly awoke in the midst of the attack, someone had stabbed him.

Taylor hasn’t said anything about Gabriel’s passing yet. The singer shared an emotional message on Instagram after Ana Clara passed away.

We lost a fan earlier tonight before my show, she said, adding, “I can’t believe I’m writing this, but it breaks my heart.” I’m so devastated by this that I can’t even express it to you. Other than the fact that she was incredibly beautiful and much too young, I don’t know very much.

“My broken heart goes out to her family and friends,” she continued. When we decided to take this tour to Brazil, this is the absolute last thing I ever imagined happening.

Ana Clara Benevides
Additionally, Ana Clara Benevides passed away (Facebook).

According to reports, paramedics treated Ana Clara at Taylor’s concert because she reportedly felt ill during the performance. After being taken to the hospital, she tragically passed away an hour later.

The 23-year-old is thought to have fainted while waiting for the concert to start as the stadium’s temperature reached about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Around 1,000 fans have reportedly passed out in the intense heat, and others need assistance after vomiting, according to firefighters.

Taylor decided to cancel her second performance in Rio last night, and she expressed her regret on Instagram. “I’m writing this from my dressing room in the stadium,” she wrote. Due to Rio’s extremely high temperatures, it has been decided to postpone the show tonight.

Street vendors sell bottled water to Taylor Swift fans
Extremely hot fans in a line (AP)

“My fans, fellow performers, and crew’s safety and wellbeing must and will always come first. “Monday night is now the new time for the show.”

The announcement of new safety precautions for tonight’s performance came after T4F, an entertainment company also known as Time For Fun, announced the news. They stated: “We are reiterating the special action plan put in place for the first day of the show, particularly the provision of free water in the queues and at all access points and entrances to the stadium and inside,” given the forecast of a rise in heat waves throughout the city. The public will have access to brand-new free water distribution points during the event in this way.

We also emphasize that we do not sell drinks or food because the stadium administration is responsible for enforcing the requirement that public bodies make it illegal for water bottles to enter stadiums.

The service staff was strengthened, they continued. The 1, 230 professionals who have been working on the event since its inception, including security guards, members of the fire brigade, audience consultants, and others, will be joined by about 200 more people. Additionally, there were 8 available medical stations, 8 ambulances, and 8 mobile ICUs added to the medical care structure.

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