Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda recalls singer’s ‘disturbing relapse’ on their first date

Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda recalls singer’s ‘disturbing relapse’ on their first date

According to his wife Ayda Field Williams, Robbie Williams didn’t have a good first impression.

After Robbie’s battle with alcohol and drugs caused him to relapse the night he first started dating the actress, the couple—who have been dating for almost 20 years—could have very nearly never gotten together. As the former Take That star sat in a jacuzzi clucking and wearing only one shoe, Ayda admitted in an interview that she found his behavior “disturbing.”

After Ayda appeared in a UFO documentary that Robbie was working on, the two first met in 2006. They later got married in 2010. Together with Teddy, 11, Charlie, 9, Coco, 5, and Beau, 3, the couple has four children.

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field Williams
Ayda Field Williams described Robbie Williams’ strange first date as “unsettling” (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images).
Robbie Williams and Ayda Field Williams
Since 2006, the couple has been dating (Dave Benett/Getty Images).

Ayda said, “I saw what “off the wagon” looks like, which is apparently someone clucking while wearing one shoe,” in an interview with the Sunday Times Style magazine. It was extremely unsettling. I swear to God, something cosmic happened, she continued. Both he and I were completely aware of who we were at this particular time.

The couple’s 13-year marriage has recently come to light as a result of the Netflix documentary series Robbie released, which explores the Angel singers’ mental health, addiction, and depression as well as their previous relationships, including those with Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell and the paranoia that accompanied their intense teenage fame in Take That.

Speaking in the series, Robbie talked about how he first approached Ayda and got her to agree to a date. I looked her up on Google, and it was clear that she was very attractive. However, I was also taking numerous antisocial medications. We had plans, but I fell short. I left her a message days, weeks, later, and it made her laugh, he said, quickly realizing his error. We scheduled a meeting. She had to meet me there because I wasn’t leaving my house, which slightly alarmed her.

Robbie previously claimed that they don’t sleep together because he stopped taking testosterone to treat his depression, but the couple has since come clean about their marriage. Everyone knows there is no sex after marriage, he once joked, and Ayda agreed that their sexual life was “completely dead.” Robbie has added, “We are always cuddling and kissing, holding hands, and touching each other when we are just watching TV on the sofa, or whatever,” demonstrating that their marriage is still intimate. I have faith in her because she is incredibly sympathetic, kind, intelligent, and funny.

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