Rapper A$AP Rocky must stand trial as on charges he fired gun at former friend

Rapper A$AP Rocky must stand trial as on charges he fired gun at former friend


Rapper A $AP Rocky, who was charged with pointing a handgun at his former friend A$AP Relli and firing multiple shots, is currently on trial for two felony counts of assault.

Judges ruled on Monday that rapper A $AP Rocky, also known as Rakim Athelaston Mayers, has enough proof to go on trial for the 2021 allegations, which are related to an incident that happened outside a Hollywood hotel. After hearing the case for one and a half days of testimony, Superior Court Judge M. L. Villar issued the decision. The father of two entered a not guilty plea during the hearing, despite Joe Tacopina’s efforts to dismiss the evidence against him as ambiguous and insufficient.

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Charges are being brought against A $AP in relation to a alleged standoff with his old friend A (Getty Images)

A $AP Relli, also known as Terell Ephron, claimed to have known the rapper since they were young and to be a member of the same group of artists from their New York high school on the first day of court. He claimed that their friendship had deteriorated and later became physical, which is what allegedly caused the rapper to pull a gun on him and shoot Ephron in the hands in November.

Seven officers searched a sidewalk and street about 20 minutes after the shots were allegedly fired, but A $AP’s attorney insisted during the hearing that there was no evidence of the shooting. Additionally, it was found that Ephron, who returned to the scene about an hour after the initial standoff, had recovered a pair of 9 mm shell casings that were in police possession.

Superior Court Judge M.L. Villar determined there is sufficient evidence to move forward
Judge M. L. Villar of the Superior Court ruled that the rapper had enough proof to stand trial (ALLISON DINNER/POOL/EPA – EFE/REX/Shutterstock).

During the hearing, officers’ body camera footage was also played, showing them spending about 10 minutes looking for evidence. Two days after the alleged shooting, when Ephron presented the shell casing, he reportedly went to the police. The case’s detective claimed that the shells lacked any fingerprints that could be recovered.

Another clip that was shown showed a location close by where it was impossible to see anyone but was possible to hear what sounded like two gunshots. A man can be seen running around a corner after the sound before slowing down and walking. Although it is unclear who the man is, Ephron’s attorney asserts that it was A $AP.

Preliminaries hearings like these in California courts only involve the judge determining whether or not there is sufficient evidence to proceed. They are a condensed version of the trial. Preliminary hearings require much less evidence than is required for criminal guilt in order to proceed.

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