Queen forced to avert three last-minute disasters that threatened to ruin wedding to Prince Philip

Queen forced to avert three last-minute disasters that threatened to ruin wedding to Prince Philip


The Royal Family will undoubtedly be reflecting on happy memories on their anniversaries today.

This is due to the fact that today is the 76th anniversary of the late Queen and Prince Philip’s wedding, whose 73-year marriage has given rise to many happy memories for all Firm members. It’s possible that people like King Charles and even the Prince and Princess of Wales will take a moment to reflect on their relationship today. However, it appears that three catastrophes could have ruined the entire day on the day Elizabeth and Philip got married.

The late Queen and Prince Philip
Prince Philip and the late Queen (Tim Graham/Getty Images)

In a ceremony held at Westminster Abbey in 1947, the then-Prince Elizabeth wed Philip Mountbatten. BBC Radio broadcast the well-known wedding to 200 million viewers worldwide. Onlookers thought the day had been completely simple, but they had no idea that Princess Elizabeth had two nightmare-like issues with her clothing just hours before the ceremony.

The Princess chose to get married while donning Queen Mary’s Russian Fringe tiara, but it broke while she was getting ready at Buckingham Palace. The Court Jeweller returned just in time after being hurried to his workroom by a police escort. The princess’s realization that she had left the pearl earrings her father had given her to wear on the day at St. James’ Palace was the second catastrophe. Just in time for her official photos, her private secretary was able to deliver them to her.

The couple on their wedding day in 1947
1947 wedding photo of the couple (AFP via Getty Images)

But her problems didn’t end there. The bride’s hands were obviously empty after the ceremony because she was able to lose her wedding bouquet before the big group pictures were taken. What’s the answer? The couple re-donn their wedding attire and posed for their private photos while on their honeymoon.

When looking at the state photos of all the bridesmaids and royal guests from the 1947 wedding, David Longman, the royal wedding florist, revealed the tale, he said: “The Queen is without a bouquet. It was misplaced.

They had to change back into their wedding attire in the midst of their honeymoon, and my father was required to provide another bouquet for the pictures. Every royal bride now has two bouquets in case someone accidentally puts it down and forgets about it. “This mishap ended up paving the way for future royal weddings,” David said.

The Queen died last year at the age of 96
At the age of 96 (PA), The Queen passed away last year.

The late Queen passed away peacefully at her Balmoral home in September 2022 at the age of 96, while Philip died in April 2021 at age 99. After 70 years of rule, having assumed the throne in 1952 and seeing the nation change immeasurably, the Royal Family commemorated her death in September on the emotional anniversary of her passing.

Her son, King Charles, honored the late king and reaffirmed his own commitment to serving on the first anniversary of her passing. He also expresses gratitude to everyone who sent Camilla and him well wishes. We remember Her Late Majesty’s long life, her devoted service, and everything she meant to so many of us with great affection as we commemorate the first anniversary of her passing and my accession, he said. As we make every effort to be of service to you all, I am also incredibly appreciative of the love and support that my wife and I have received this year.

Source: Mirror


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