Paris Hilton mocked after attending F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix party, but ‘no one’ is there

Paris Hilton mocked after attending F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix party, but ‘no one’ is there

After the party, Paris Hilton entered the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix to find a deserted space.

The socialite was assigned the task of entertaining a vacant room at the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas, where she was scheduled to perform. The priceless moment when Paris Hilton realizes no one is at the F1 after party was the caption of a video of Paris’s shock entrance that was posted online.

She also donned a formal outfit for the event. Paris entered the dance floor wearing a sparkling, bedazzled racing suit with the Hilton Hotels logo across her chest.

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Paris Hilton has been traveling to Las Vegas for Formula 1 events (Anadolu, thanks to Getty Images)

As another DJ announced her attendance, the star raised her sunglasses to assess the harm. Commenters criticized Paris’ entrance and made fun of the crowd or lack thereof on the Real Vegas Locals Instagram account, which shared the original video.

The world has changed significantly since Paris’ prime, according to one fan. “No one shows up at these parties anymore, especially with social media,” they wrote.

Another criticized Paris while mentioning Kim Kardashian. In reference to Kim’s time as Paris’ assistant, the author wrote, “Remember when you’re assistant is worth 100 times what you are.” “The panic set in the moment she lifted those sunglasses,” one fan remarked.

Many people sympathized with Paris. People outside of Vegas continue to believe that this is a Parisian dis, according to one local. No, it isn’t. She frequently comes to Las Vegas, and we adore her. At F1, this was a dis. Locals in Vegas were devastated by the drama and F1 construction that they had to endure for a year. It was therefore amusing that nobody attended the F1 after party, not even Paris Hilton’s DJ. – I appreciate it!

The Grand Prix is viewed as disastrous by locals after causing chaotic construction and traffic. An early FP1 race was postponed because a vehicle suffered severe damage from an open manhole cover. Additionally, most Americans couldn’t easily watch the races from their homes because they began too late.

Racers also attacked the route itself. It’s not really that exciting, in my opinion. A street circuit isn’t particularly exciting to me because of how heavy these new cars are. That doesn’t help when you have a weak grip, Max Verstappen told Sporting News. Overall, the Grand Prix’s impact was just as disastrous as the partygoer turnout in Paris.

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