Love Island star admits she’s ‘destroyed’ her face with filler as Botox leaves her paralysed

Love Island star admits she’s ‘destroyed’ her face with filler as Botox leaves her paralysed

After ruining her own face with improper adjustments, Love Island star Faye Winter is on a mission to spread awareness of the risks associated with lip fillers and Botox.

The 28-year-old reality star gained notoriety for her passionate romance with Teddy Soares on Love Island in 2021. However, some cruel trolls would criticize the star for her appearance, so it wasn’t just the blazing rows that had ITV2 viewers talking.

While in the villa, Faye admitted that she had undergone some subpar Botox procedures, which she initially tried to laugh off. However, she has now shared her story, explaining how an untrained practitioner injected the substance too deeply into her skin, causing her eyebrows to droop and extreme pout-plumping lip fillers.

Faye is concerned that other cosmetic surgery enthusiasts might end up getting subpar care and getting a face they didn’t want. She also believes that regulation is necessary to guarantee that all clinics adhere to health and safety standards and that those who administer the modifications are fully qualified.

Botox and fillers pose a serious risk, according to Faye Winter’s stern warning on Instagram (@fay__winter).
The former Love Islander is open to returning to her job as an estate agent
In 2021, she competed on Love Island (ITV/REX/Shutterstock).

When I first began taking filler and Botox in my early twenties, I didn’t consider the potential negative effects, she said to Closer magazine. I merely desired to appear in a particular manner. Anyone who offered to perform a procedure for less money would have received my attention.

“I know better now that I’m older and wiser.” However, when I was younger, I ended up spending more money and undergoing more procedures to have a professional with medical training correct my face. People are unaware of how unregulated the industry is, but I didn’t judge anyone for getting work done if it made them feel better.

Faye elaborated on her own horrifying experience by saying, “I went to someone I mistakenly thought was medically qualified when my regular Botox nurse was on vacation.” After he administered the Botox, my eyebrows frowned and my eyelids drooped within a few days. My forehead was completely paralyzed, my face was ruined, and I felt frightened. He advised me to wait for the feeling to return when I returned for assistance because there was nothing he could do.

Given that Faye was scheduled to arrive at the Love Island villa just weeks prior, the incident couldn’t have happened at a worse time. She recorded her Love Island audition tape with her face taped into place after making an initial attempt to use tape to raise it back into position.

Faye believes that the Botox industry needs to be regulated urgently and expresses concern that other cosmetic surgery enthusiasts might suffer the same fate as she did. She emphasized that Botox administrators do not currently require a legal education and cautioned that she has visited locations where basic hygiene practices have been disregarded, including those where nurses have injected without gloves.

Faye warns others to be aware of advertisements or promotions they see on social media because clinics will only display their best results and not those that have gone wrong. She asserts that botched Botox procedures are linked to a high number of infections. When she left the Love Island villa and saw the screen capture of herself, the reality star also admits she was horrified by her own face.

She acknowledged that the star’s online criticism of her hurt her. When she left the villa, she went to have the lip filler removed because she realized it had given her lips the appearance of “a baboons a**e,” but this only made her lip appear “deflated.” She claims that she hasn’t planned to add any more filler but has since had a small amount added to her saggy lips.

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