Kylie Jenner shows off her natural skin texture as she goes completely makeup free

Kylie Jenner shows off her natural skin texture as she goes completely makeup free

In addition to being able to sell makeup worth billions of dollars, Kylie Jenner is also an expert makeup artist.

The 26-year-old mother of two posted a video to Instagram showcasing her “quick everyday makeup using @kyliecosmetics.” She expertly applies a blend of concealers, glow balm, and tinted butter cream from her own line to the clip.

From beginning to end, her followers were (typically) in awe of her. She looks so good, I bet it makes that “ding” sound when she winks, among other comments. I adore Kylie so much right now! She is joyful, at peace with herself, radiant, and immediately receiving love! One said, adding, “Her face has recently looked much more natural.” “Beautiful”

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In the video (kyliejenner/Instagram), Kylie Jenner displayed her natural skin.
She used a handful of her products to create a stunning look
She created a stunning look using some of her products (Kyliejenner/Instagram).

There were more compliments than emoji strings. “Your natural makeup looked fantastic! One of her 398 million amazed followers said, “You look like a goddess.”

Just days after fans were shocked by Kylie’s “overfilled” face, she posted barefaced. She appeared years older than she actually is in footage from a recent Hollywood party, which shocked them. Despite the fact that she was only in her mid-20s, they expressed concern over her features’ premature aging.

One person remarked, “The fillers make her appear to be in her 40s when she’s only 26.” She might look better if she removes her cheek fillers, in my opinion. One fan, however, asserted that after taking off her fillers, she would require a “whole face lift” because her stretched-out skin would sag.

She admitted to having fillers in her face in a paper magazine in 2019, but she denied having undergone any cosmetic procedures. People mistakenly believe that I completely underwent surgery and rebuilt my face. I’m frightened! Never would I. They are unaware of the true potential of good makeup, hair, and fillers. It contains fillers. Kylie clarified, “I’m not disputing that.

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