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Kevin Clifton reveals he's been writing a drama during lockdown

Kevin Clifton reveals he's been writing a drama during lockdown


From line dancing to Line Of Duty? Strictly’s Kevin Clifton reveals he’s been writing a drama during lockdown after taking Jed Mercurio’s online masterclasses

Strictly’s Kevin Clifton has revealed that he has been writing a drama during lockdown, after he participated in one of Jed Mercurio’s online courses.

The 38-year-old professional dancer was appearing on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch on Tuesday when he revealed he had taken up the new hobby.

Although he said he couldn’t say too much, he had turned to writing over the past few months. 

Inspiration: Kevin admitted that during the lockdown he had taken an online writing course by Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio (pictured)

‘I did a course online, actually Jed Mercurio’s course and I just really enjoyed writing,’ he said.

‘I’ve had this idea in my head for a drama based in the ballroom world, the ballroom competition world, for quite a long time. It’s sort of in the works at the moment.’ 

Jed Mercurio is best known for his work on Line Of Duty, Bodyguard, The Grimleys and Bodies – which was based on his own 2002 novel. 

Kevin’s new-found passion for writing wasn’t the only revelation on the show though.

Although being well-known as a Strictly Come Dancing pro, Kevin said his dancing confidence disappears when he enters a social situation. 

Hush-hush: Speaking on Channel 4's Steph's Packed Lunch on Tuesday, Kevin said that he couldn't reveal too much about his secret writing project

He said: ‘Dancing socially, I don’t really know what to do. Unless it’s choreographed, and put together and there is a real purpose behind it, and a character and a story, and choreography. 

‘If it’s just here’s some music start dancing I’m a bit of a dad dancer. I don’t know what to do.’ 

Kevin’s writing revelation comes after his partner Stacey Dooley poked fun at their relationship.

Speaking on Monday’s Loose Women, the television presenter, 34, joked about lack of interest in her romance with Strictly’s Kevin Clifton – insisting they are ‘so dull’ after being together for two years.

She also spoke about how she suffers with imposter syndrome in her career.

The media personality touched upon the heightened interest in her love life after she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in 2018, where they found love and then joked about the dwindled attention their union now receives.

Stacey was partnered with Kevin and the pair went on to win the show together. 

The pair went public with their romance in early 2019 after the show had wrapped and just weeks after her split from her boyfriend of three years, Sam Tucknott.

So dull: Stacey Dooley revealed she and Kevin Clifton, who she has been in a relationship with for two years, are 'so dull' as she appeared on Monday's episode of Loose Women

Speaking about the focus on her relationship, she said: ‘I did [struggle] initially, I did at the start. I didn’t realise there would be such an interest, particularly with who I fancy and who I’m dating. I thought that was dull for everyone else.’

But now she has revealed that the interest in the couple has dwindled two years on, saying: ‘Now, Kev and I have been together for two years, so no one’s really that fussed anymore, and we’re so dull’.

During the television appearance, Stacey also admitted she often suffers with imposter syndrome at work.

She said: ‘I’m riddled most of the time with imposter syndrome. Then you have to remind yourself if they didn’t think you were capable, they wouldn’t have you in…

‘I’m always really thankful for that. I love my job, I love what I do for a living. I feel really lucky.’

Shy guy: Kevin also revealed that his dancing confidence disappears when he enters a social situation


Source: BBC 


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