Kerry Katona slammed by ‘miserable’ fan over extravagant and ‘unnecessary’ Christmas display

Kerry Katona slammed by ‘miserable’ fan over extravagant and ‘unnecessary’ Christmas display

A “miserable” fan who called Kerry Katona’s Christmas display “unnecessary” criticized her.

43-year-old Atomic Kitten singer recently posted a video of her cozy Christmas decorations on Instagram. As she and her family got ready for the holiday season, the front of her home was decked out in countless festive lights. Kerry was seen driving up to the large house in the video with excitement.

The post’s caption was “@decorators.” for . a new year and Christmas!” The majority of fans praised the decorations, but some enraged commenters berated her for the extravagant display. There are those who cannot afford that, but hey good for you, said one irritated troll.

Another quickly defended her, saying, “I can’t afford it either, but Kerry or anyone else can. If it bothers you so much that you feel the need to comment, why are you looking at what Kerry is doing and posting about?” Your comments are completely unnecessary.

Kerry Katona
Kerry displayed her holiday decorations on Instagram (@kerrykatona7).
Kerry Katona
Her home was decorated with festive lights (Instagram/kerrykatona7)

“So many haters and jealousy,” one fan remarked. Kerry was defended by another, who said, “Don’t be such a miserable cow,” while the girl was told to leave her alone because she was beautiful. “Three roles we must never assume: Saviour, Perpatrator &amp, Victim,” one irritated fan continued. Merry Christmas!

“Don’t be bitter about it,” another person said. You probably would if you had the money! I’d do it! I adore seeing people decorate their homes in this manner for Christmas. Fans were recently impressed by Kerry after she revealed that she had decorated her home with three Christmas trees.

Earlier this month, she posted pictures of the Christmas decorations in her opulent Cheshire home on Instagram and explained why she had hung them up so early. In her opulent mansion, the former Atomic Kitten star was posing next to three themed trees, one of which was decked out in Grinch trinkets, including a huge grinch protruding from the top and green ribbons and ornaments.

Well, guys, the Katona house is officially celebrating Christmas! Yes, I am aware that it is still early. Kerry wrote, “But I’m going on a panto tour in December, so I want to celebrate Christmas with The Rugrats.” The TV star admitted that she had hired a local business to help her prepare her home for the holiday season, and fans were astounded by the attention to detail. A color-coordinated nutcracker statue was placed next to each tree, and Kerry was decked out for the occasion in a Christmas jumper.

One fan remarked, “I absolutely adore it. The Grinch is the best x.” Another added, “Amazing trees, happy Christmas.” Wooo, I’m so envious of your trees! Fantastic ! wrote a follower. Why not? “It’s gorgeous @kerrykatona7 Nothing beats seeing a little joy on Instagram for once in the midst of so much sadness in our world! added a devoted fan.

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