ITV I’m A Celebrity’s Nigel Farage’s crippling health problems from horror crash injuries to cancer

ITV I’m A Celebrity’s Nigel Farage’s crippling health problems from horror crash injuries to cancer

The star of this year’s I’m A Celeb line-up, Nigel Farage, hasn’t always been in the best of health, but he’ll probably be a regular on the Bushtucker trials.

While those in favor of the Brexiteer have been upset by the sarcastic remarks made by hosts Ant and Dec., some ITV reality show fans have criticized bosses for airtime given to the right-wing politician, claiming they are boycotting the show. When former Health Secretary Matt Hancock was welcomed into the Down Under jungle last year, the situation is similar.

As the public continued to vote to see him squirm, the disgraced MP, who oversaw the nation’s response to the coronavirus crisis, was compelled to participate in six grueling Bushtucker trials in a row. However, it seemed as though he had recovered, winning third place in the end.

Nigel Farage and Grace Dent on I'm a Celebrity
On I’m a Celebrity (ITV/REX/Shutterstock), Grace Dent and Nigel Farage

Farage might not be subject to the same circumstances, though, as he might avoid some of the hardships that famous people must endure in order to provide food for the camp. Farage, who was severely hurt in a light plane crash in 2010, responded, “Anything involving weightlifting, I’d be out,” when asked what trials he could avoid. I’ve undoubtedly sustained some very serious physical wounds, reconstructions of my neck, and who knows what else.

They are fully aware of the fact that I have some physical structure damage. Despite that, I am still able to perform the majority of tasks. Although I don’t believe they will all be enjoyable, I doubt any of the trials will actually result in my death. But look, I authorized this. A penny is exchanged for a pound. So let’s get started.

Vote for your country and vote UKIP on a banner that Farage was flying when it crashed on election day in 2010 caused him to sustain long-lasting injuries. He was able to escape the debris, but he still had a fractured sternum, several broken ribs, two chipped vertebrae, and one punctured lung.

We both managed to escape miraculously, a spokesperson said after the horror. We are both extremely fortunate to still be alive. He has damage to his sternum, two broken ribs, and a small spine chip.

He underwent surgery three years later to treat the health issues brought on by the crash, and he revealed to the BBC that his back had had a few discs removed and replaced. He acknowledged in the Telegraph in 2015 that Temazepam, a potent sleeping aid, had been prescribed to him due to excruciating pain in his shoulder and back.

I’m A Celeb 2023’s line-up includes Nigel Farage, which has angered reality show viewers (ITV).

He was having trouble raising his arms above a 45-degree angle after twice-weekly hospital visits for treatment. I believe I will need medical care for the rest of my life, he continued. The 59-year-old had a serious car accident in his 20s prior to the accident, and the combination of the accidents’ problems have left him with the “body-of-a 70′” age.

He admitted that he could have been declared partially disabled following the plane accident in his memoir The Purple Revolution: The Year That Changed Everything, but that wearing a blue badge was “convincting defeat.” The former UKIP leader, meanwhile, asserted that the NHS “almost killed” him when he saw a consultant about his swollen testicle at the age of 21. He claims that doctors failed to diagnose the cancer in his 20s.

It would be an understatement to say that this consultant was uninterested; perhaps he had an afternoon round of golf scheduled. Keep taking the antibiotics, he advised, and that was it. He claimed that he had been “fobbed off” by doctors and had ultimately been diagnosed after a scan at the private hospital, pleading with his readers to pay for private medical care if they could.

Following the diagnosis, the contentious politician had his testicle removed. In summarizing his opinions on the healthcare system, he stated that while the NHS was “beautiful and poorly run” elsewhere and “amazingly good” at critical care. I’ve now experienced three near-death experiences—cancer, an accident, and a plane crash—and have witnessed both the best and worst of the NHS, he said. Compared to most politicians, I am more qualified to criticize and support our healthcare system.

“When I had cancer, the NHS’s carelessness and incompetence nearly killed me, but they also saved my life.” Politicians with no guts who assert that I am not a fan or supporter of the NHS are not to blame for my actions. Farage, a notorious heavy smoker, is allegedly given preferential treatment and given permission to smoke away from the cameras.

Additionally, it appears that Farage is attempting to relaunch his political career as a Tory after the upcoming election by using the show, much like Mr. Hancock did. Former Labour communications director Tom Baldwin remarked, “He went around Tory conferences saying he wants to lead the Tories someday, so maybe she thinks this is some strange route back.”

With 25 to 30% of the population, farage is incredibly well-liked and despised by the rest. He might therefore be attempting to increase his appeal. The GB News host, who also owns stock in the TV company, is reportedly being paid £1.5 million to appear on the program, making him the highest-paid contestant ever.

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