ITV I’m A Celebrity’s darkest secrets from bold escapes to secret meltdowns and broken rules

ITV I’m A Celebrity’s darkest secrets from bold escapes to secret meltdowns and broken rules

The public isn’t actually shown some of the biggest dramas on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

You might think there is nowhere to hide in the infamous ITV jungle with cameras covering every square inch of the camp, but many scenes never make it to television. Former campmates claim that meltdowns happen frequently and that rules are frequently broken. Here, we examine the most sinister backstage tales and dramatic moments that viewers have long missed, including one star who even needed to be sedated and sex confessions.

starting to eat

I'm A Celebrity: 6th December
Desperate campmates, according to Jake Quickenden, would scream for food from the crew (Rex).

Before they enroll in the ITV show, the stars of I’m A Celeb are given a “talk of doom” to help them understand what to anticipate. However, the rations frequently come as a surprise, forcing famished competitors to rely on the film crew for food.

Jake Quickenden, a 2014 campmate who admitted to trying to scrounge food, once said to The Sun, “People start getting hungry, then if it rains people get moody.” He continued, “Even when you walk into trials, the cameramen don’t speak to you,” explaining why the crew is not allowed to assist. You’re so cut off from the outside world. I remarked, “Mate, I couldn’t have a Tic Tac, could I?” as one of them consumed one. He then said, “I’ll get fired because I can’t give you a Tic Tac.”

smuggled goods

While others (ITV/REX/Shutterstock) were not permitted to wear concealer, Georgia Toffolo was.

A pillow or a picture are the only luxuries that campmates are permitted to own, and there are no food items at all. Hugo Taylor, a 2012 star, disobeyed the law by slipping salt and pepper sachets into his backpack’s bottom.

In 2013, model Amy Willerton was able to sneak an entire bag of makeup in without being caught for 10 days. Gino D’Acampo, a TV chef, also stuffed illegal goods into his pillow. He claimed that he “stuffed it full of salt, sugar, four different teas, and ten sachets of coffee.” “I also had it in my shoes.” I reflected, “I still have the items in the shoes even if the security personnel find them.”

Georgia Toffolo, a 2017 star, was given permission to use concealer once per day to cover her acne despite the fact that makeup is prohibited. According to a source, Georgia has always had skin issues, but because of her treatment, she is unable to use it in the jungle. “For medical reasons, she has been given access to concealer.” Other female campmates who are jealous are irritated by it.

“Weird events”

Brian Conley on 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!' in 2012
Brian Conley claimed that after leaving the jungle (Rex), he needed to be sedated.

Hugo added that the camp’s “very weird happenings” were caused by extreme hunger, which they all vowed to take to their graves. He claimed that “we had some really strange things happening in the jungle that we have all never discussed and probably never will.”

“Things occurred off-camera as a result of people’s lack of food, the fact that there isn’t any, or their particular dietary requirements or medication intake.” Some people stopped taking their medication, which had serious side effects. which was never broadcast on television. That is a jungle secret of ours.

The same year, comedian Brian Conley had to be sedated after quitting after 10 days due to exhaustion and malnutrition. Despite producers’ insistence that he keep taking his anti-depressants, the man claimed to have stopped. Brian remarked at the time, “It was bad because they made the decision and I had no control over it.” I was unable to mislead them. For fifteen years, I have taken these pills.

I’m extremely proud of myself for remaining steadfast and saying, “Well, I have to go.” I’m extremely proud that I had to be sedated due to exhaustion rather than simply strolling out and entering the Versace [hotel]. You’re looking at someone who doesn’t need anti-depressants, and I realize that now. I’m very proud that I made it through it and that it actually made me a much stronger man. If I brought these tablets in, I must take them because ITV is a sizable company that needs to do it correctly.

bids to flee

Jake Quickenden and Jimmy Bullard
Jimmy Bullard and Jake Quickenden fled for freedom (Rex).

For the safety of the competitors, a security fence surrounds the camp’s perimeter. Jake and Jimmy Bullard, a co-star, once managed to get past it and attempted to flee, but they were caught and told to return to camp.

Me and Jimmy actually ran a runner one day to see how far we could get, as Jake had previously recalled. We eventually came to the point where we actually saw someone, who was fully disguised, hiding behind a bush, using net, or something similar. He simply emerged and yelled, “Go back to camp.” We returned to camp after giving ourselves a s**t. The Bushtelegraph then called us back and reprimanded us.

confessions of sex

Jorgie Porter
Regarding “self-love,” Jorgie Porter made a crude admission (Rex Features).

The campmates frequently share more than they intend to because they have nothing better to do than lounge around and chat. And some of it, like when Jorgie Porter mentioned performing a sex act on herself, is so offensive that producers are compelled to cut it. The Hollyoaks star made a steamy confession about “self-love” in 2015, but all that was visible of her admitting it was “I’m gonna regret that.”

vitamins in secret

Hugo Taylor
Hugo Taylor claimed that emergency vitamins (Rex) were given to them to increase their energy.

Celebrities are compelled to survive on rice and bean rations if they return from the challenges empty-handed. Hugo also claimed that producers swooped in and gave their hungry Cosmopolitan campmates vitamins because they were so worn out.

It was so bad at one point that nobody was taking any action. People were simply wasting away, lying down, and doing nothing because they were immobile, according to him. Electrolytes in the form of orange powder were brought in by producers. It was as if I had taken pure adrenaline when I added some to my drink. After that, I immediately crashed. However, they remarked, “We must give them something.” ” “

modesty mock

Jimmy Bullard and Jake Quickenden
The modesty smock (Rex) didn’t appeal to Jimmy Bullard.

In response to complaints about the lack of privacy in season one, contestants are now provided with a sheet that has been cut out of their heads to allow them to change without flashing their bits. Richard Cowles, a co-creator and executive producer, claimed that he had created the so-called “modesty smock,” which is essentially made of paper with holes for the head to fit through. It turns out that their wishes were fulfilled. Since then, we have continued to use it with the same design. However, not everyone is concerned with avoiding blushing!

ITV’s “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” will air tonight at 9 p.m.

Source: Mirror


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