ITV Deal or No Deal Stephen Mulhern’s EastEnders star ex-girlfriend and excuse for dating drought

ITV Deal or No Deal Stephen Mulhern’s EastEnders star ex-girlfriend and excuse for dating drought

Stephen Mulhern, a new presenter and prize pot, returns to Deal or No Deal this time.

In the reboot, contestants will still attempt to open 22 red boxes and face off against the notorious Banker in an effort to win £100,000 as the top prize. Stephen, 46, has taken on difficult responsibilities as Noel Edmonds’ replacement after the much-loved program was fired from Channel 4 and now airs on ITV1. Stephen was an expert at adding drama and drama to the program.

Deal or No Deal was not only one of my favorite shows, but also my father’s favorite. Stephen remarked, “When I told him I was doing it, it felt like he had won the lottery.” He also disclosed that Noel had questioned him about playing the part at a private party where he was dressed as Gandalf.

Emma Barton attends the
During a panto performance (Getty Images), Stephen first met Emma.
Stephen Mulhern photocall during day two of the MIPCOM 2019
However, after two years of dating, they parted ways (Getty Images)

I have one question, “Doll or no deal?” he asked. It’s Noel Edmonds when he removes his mask! I haven’t performed one of these in 20 years, but I’ve finally pulled off Noel’s House Party pranks, he says. Deal Or No Deal helped me have ten wonderful years, and I believe you will too.

Stephen’s personal and romantic lives are not well known, despite his enormous fame in the UK. However, his co-star romance with Emma Barton, who plays Honey Mitchell on EastEnders, is well-documented.

In 2008, Stephen and Emma, 46, first met while watching a pantomime performance of Snow White. Stephen portrayed Emma’s dependable best friend Muddles while Emma played Snow White.

It is believed that soon after working together, the two developed a close bond. They avoided public view of their relationship, like most famous couples do, but they mutually decided to break up in 2011.

The host of Britain’s Got More Talent admitted that the romance had ended “naturally” and that he was still looking for “the one” despite his busy work schedule. He stated: “Last time I went on a date was about four years ago,” in an interview with Celebs Now in 2018. I sound incredibly depressed after that! I require life. I should cut back on my workload.

At 4 p.m., ITV1 airs Deal or No Deal.

Source: Mirror


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