Huge boyband confirm reunion as they secretly record comeback song amid feud

Huge boyband confirm reunion as they secretly record comeback song amid feud

Let Loose, a legendary boy band from the 1990s, came back together to perform in secret while singing their biggest hits in front of oncoming city lights.

Rob Jeffrey and Lee Murray joined Matthew James Pateman, a former Bad Boys Inc singer, on stage for the first time in 26 years during their spontaneous reunion in Hereford. In High Town, they entertained the crowds with Crazy For You and The Way I Wanna Be.

The group, according to event attendees, sang for thousands of spectators while also performing their brand-new single for the first time. Following the band, Netflix film crews were also seen filming what appeared to be a documentary.

Let Loose were spotted with a film crew from Netflix
A Netflix film crew was seen with Let Loose (Getty Images).

News of a Let Loose comeback, 29 years after topping the UK charts with Crazy For You, first surfaced in August of this year. Richard John “Richie” Wermerling had previously served as the band’s keyboard and vocalist. Fans of the band, whose brief career in the music business was characterized by six Top 40 hits and a best-selling album, were thrilled by their unexpected announcement.

Lee previously stated to Metro, “We’re so excited to be returning with Let Loose.” We’ve been asked to do it by our fans for years, and we’re overjoyed that Matthew is now our lead singer because he’s so talented.

Matthew, who is currently playing with Jean, added that he “always had respect for Let Loose and their music.” The 52-year-old continued by praising the group’s talent and saying, “In the industry, they were always “dumped” into the “boy band,” but they’re more than that.” He also shared support from his followers on Twitter, retweeting one particularly enthusiastic listener’s response, “Not going to lie – this news is giving me MAJOR fan girl feelings with the added bonus of the official insta account following me.” My 16-year-old self is content to dance.

Matthew, who previously achieved fame as the lead singer of Bad Boys Inc., will probably be able to add some significant assets to the reformed Let Loose. With hits like “Don’t Talk About Love” and “More To This World,” the band, which was founded by music producer Ian Levine in 1993, had some success. But after failing to stand out from rival bands like Take That and Boyzone, they disbanded in 1995.

Richie and Lee reconnected in 2008 to write a brand-new song together. For the Another Place, Another Time arena tour in the fall of 2014, they were also scheduled to perform, signaling their nearly 20-year return to the stage. They would have joined Atomic Kitten, All Saints, East 17, Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base, and Big Brovaz for eight nostalgic performances across the UK as part of the throwback concert series. However, it was canceled just two weeks after the sale of the tickets.

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