Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 21

Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 21


It’s Tuesday, and while one star sign can anticipate resolving any issues with a partner, the other will likely discuss something significant with an older colleague today.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs’ forecasts should contain something that speaks to you and resonates with a deeper, inner truth, such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces.

Below are the daily horoscopes for each star sign for today. Russell Grant, an astrologer who has spent more than 50 years interpreting star signs, has compiled these daily forecasts.

Here is what your horoscope could reveal today, from Aries to Pisces, and what you can do to get ready.

Aries (Mar 21–April 20)

Instead of merely contemplating it, take action. Your confidence will increase as a result of the outcomes and rewards, and you’ll be able to take on new responsibilities with ease as you demonstrate your abilities to others. Your newly discovered self-assurance will be of assistance to you at all times.

Taurus (Apr 21–May 21)

With your boss or a senior coworker, you had hoped to talk about something significant. You might decide it would be best to wait after observing their expression. You obviously don’t want to add to their problems because they already have other things on your mind.

Gemini (May 22–June 21)

When your friends and coworkers see you jumping from one activity to the next without pausing, they may wonder what motivates you. You’re determined to utilize your time and abilities to the fullest. You’ll keep moving forward even when you run into a roadblock.

Cancer (June 22–July 23)

You’re hoping that a relationship can be repaired. You are aware that things between you haven’t been ideal lately, but you still want to try to figure out what’s causing the conflict before giving up. You can unwind this evening by immersing yourself in a lengthy novel.

Leo (July 24–August 23)

Problems with the family and the home require attention. These might cause significant financial stress. Get rid of even the smallest issues as soon as possible. More delays and frustrations will result if you succumb to the temptation to delay a crucial repair.

Virgo (August 24–September 23)

Don’t leave anyone else in the dark. Be sincere when you speak and say what you mean. You’ll be given a good job in the company if you’re hired by an effective executive who values your integrity. You should give this offer some serious thought, even if you hadn’t been considering changing jobs.

(Sept 24–Oct 23) Libra

Even a social butterfly like you occasionally needs to rest. You can finally take a break, unwind, and reenergize your worn-out body. Spend your time engaging in enjoyable, quiet activities. Your finances will begin to appear healthier as your social life slows down.

Scorpio (November 24–November 22)

A friend or coworker who has previously disregarded your advice will ask you for your opinion once more. Despite your reluctance, they will continue to ask, and you will respond, whether they are paying attention or not.

(Nov 23–Dec 21) Sagittarius

A moment of quiet reflection would be beneficial for whatever is on your mind. A hazy idea will become crystal clear once you’ve had a chance to consider it without being distracted or interfered with by others if it has to do with your future, your relationship, or your job.

Capricorn (December 22–January 20)

Your familiarity with current events will be beneficial in a number of ways. It will be worthwhile to enter any competition that asks questions about current events in the world. Additionally, resolving disputes between friends and coworkers will benefit from your general knowledge.

(Jan 21–February 19) Aquarius

Small acts of kindness can matter a lot. When dealing with a friend, neighbor, or other relative who is having trouble, patience is required. To show them that you care, offer to run a few errands for them, make them some delicious food and invite them over, or send them flowers.

Pisces (Feb 20–Mar 20)

People seem to be acting irrationally and childishly all around you. Take a good look at yourself before criticizing anyone. Your own restless behavior may be reflected in the actions of those close to you. They are attempting to make you happy because they recognize your need for something different.

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