Helen Flanagan defended by fans over cheeky photoshoot as trolls told to ‘get a life’

Helen Flanagan defended by fans over cheeky photoshoot as trolls told to ‘get a life’


Helen Flanagan, a former Coronation Street actress, was the target of criticism for sexy photoshoot, and her fans have retaliated by telling trolls to “get the life.”

I’m A Celebrity star was pictured with a new mystery man at Manchester’s Sexy Fish restaurant before the cheeky photo shoot. After breaking up with Scott Sinclair, the father of her three children and a football player, Helen has resumed dating. After 13 years of dating and four engagements, Helen and Scott parted ways in October of last year. They all share Charlie, two years old, Delilah, four, and Matilda, seven.

Helen recently shared a lingerie shoot with saucy images of the mother of three in leopard print as she takes pleasure in her single life.

Helen Flanagan
Trolls (Insatgram) were interested in Helen Flanagan’s Agent Provocateur photo shoot.
Helen Flanagan
Cruel trolls who called the Coronation Street star “embarrassed” (Insatgram) attacked her.

However, as trolls labeled the actress an “embarrassment” for the lewd pictures, she received harsh criticism and a nasty backlash for her Instagram post. As they wrote, one troll criticized the mother of three, saying, “Here she goes again… What an embarrassment for her children.” She doesn’t need to do all that posing, another person said. Put them away kids on here ffs, a third person added in response to Helen’s most recent boob job.

However, as one of the fans piped up in support of Helen in response to the troll’s remark, “Oh god get a life Karen,” the star was then defended. Another person responded to trolls by saying, “I’ll never understand why people follow that they don’t like or disapprove of; if people get on my wick, I unfollow.” Everyone’s problem has been resolved. Leave her alone, why is she an embarrassment when she’s young and self-assured? “A third person wrote. You sound very bitter, another person said as they spoke. Why would you follow someone who is so embarrassing? Why does it matter how she dresses when she takes care of her kids? “Jealousy?”

According to a source, Helen is officially back on the dating scene. She has been seeing someone intermittently but has said they would be better off as friends, but she really liked dating him. This is the source of the contentious debate. She doesn’t want anything serious, so everything is very casual and she’s taking things slowly.

Helen Flanagan
She was defended by a fan of the star as they urged the troll to “get the life” (Instagram)
Helen Flanagan
Trolls were instructed to “leave her alone” by another fan on Instagram.

Helen has also revealed her new single status, saying, “I’m just myself on Instagram,” as if she were rediscovering her confidence after breaking up with Scott. what I actually live. I’m just being myself, and I really do find social media to be quite therapeutic. Really, I enjoy being open and honest in situations.

It has been an odd adjustment for me to try to do that while being a mother. really over the last year. When I was 19 to 31, my fiancé was my entire world, and we were together for a very long time. However, I did have a boyfriend when I was 17 years old before that. I have never been single or living alone in my entire adult life. That has been a significant adjustment for me over the past year.

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