E4 Made In Chelsea star Tiffany Watson’s five-month-old son Jude rushed to hospital

E4 Made In Chelsea star Tiffany Watson’s five-month-old son Jude rushed to hospital


After her child was admitted to the hospital with a viral infection, Made in Chelsea star Tiffany Watson warned other parents to exercise caution.

When she welcomed her son Jude in June of this year, the 28-year-old reality star gave birth for the first time. Since they were a new mother and father in the summer, the E4 reality show star has been sharing parenting updates with his 28-year-old husband Cameron McGeehan of Colchester United.

But the weekend, when Jude the baby needed to be rushed to the hospital due to illness, their new roles as parents took a terrifying turn. The respiratory syncytial virus (RVS), a common virus that many children contract by the time they are two years old, infected the five-month-old infant.

Tiffany Watson’s infant son from Made in Chelsea spent the weekend in the hospital (tiffanyc_watson on Instagram)
Made In Chelsea's Tiffany Watson
(Instagram/tiffanyc_watson) The reality star posted updates from the hospital.

Similar to a cough or cold, the virus can cause bronchitis in young children, which frequently manifests as wheezing and breathing problems. Tiff posted images from a children’s hospital on social media on Sunday.

Sadly, we ended up here last night, she wrote. Jude isn’t feeling well, but we’re back home and cozy with lots of cuddles. Seeing your baby in pain and sadness is so difficult. You literally don’t even consider yourself when it comes to the health of your baby, despite the fact that I am also running low. The winter season has officially arrived.

Tiff continued by cautioning other parents to be on the lookout for the widespread illness, which can be fatal for infants. It’s RSV season, and this is your friendly reminder not to kiss babies andamp, toddlers on the hands or faces if they aren’t your child, she posted on an info-panel. even if your family members are close. You are not the focus of this. This is about preventing serious illness in children.

Made In Chelsea's Tiffany Watson
Tiff cautioned other parents to watch out for RSV (Instagram/tiffanyc_watson) symptoms.
Tiff watson and footballer husband Cameron McGeehan
Tiff and her football player husband Cameron McGeehan have a son together (tiffanyc_watson/Instagram).

She continued by writing, “A reminder of this,” in her own words. I used to be the same before having him andamp, but now I understand why people think you’re being ott or “it’s good for their immune system.” Last night, seeing other babies seriously ill was a huge wake-up call for me. If people can’t follow your rules for your baby, I don’ care if I offend them any longer because his health is a top priority.

The reality star thanked her social media followers for their generosity after receiving a wall of support and sympathy from them. Tiff wrote, “Thank you for everyone’s kind words,” and posted a picture of herself holding her infant. A red heart emoji reads, “Lots of sleeping on me going on, and hopefully he’ll be back to himself soon.” Recently, Millie Redford, a fellow reality star, revealed that her young daughter Elodie had also contracted RSV.

Are you RSV aware? was the caption of a graphic posted by The 22 Kids and Counting star. which stated “what you should know about RSV” and issued a warning that “almost every child” will contract the disease during their “first two years of life.”

RSV is spread “similar to colds of the flu,” according to the infographic, “either by breathing in tiny droplets in the air or by the virus coming into contact with the mouth or nose, for example by touch.” The information also included a warning that the virus can remain contagious for hours on surfaces.

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