China-Middle East summit told ‘Israel seeks to end Palestinians’ presence’

China-Middle East summit told ‘Israel seeks to end Palestinians’ presence’

According to Palestine’s foreign minister, Israel wants to eradicate the Palestinians from their “historical land.”

As diplomats from countries with an Arab and Muslim majority met with Chinese counterparts in Beijing on Monday, Riyad al-Maliki made his remarks.

A delegation of foreign ministers from the Palestinian Authority, Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan will meet in Beijing to discuss ways to put an end to the Gaza Strip conflict.

China pledged to work to “restore peace in the Middle East” at the summit, which is seen as part of Beijing’s effort to strengthen its position on the global stage.

According to AFP, al-Maliki of the Palestinian Authority charged Israel with trying to “bring an end” to Palestinians’ “presence on what remains of its historical land.”

The expulsion of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, according to a spokesperson for Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will jeopardize world peace, security, and stability.

According to the spokesperson, Israel’s policy of obstructing the entry of aid is a systematic one intended to pressure the Palestinians to leave the Gaza Strip under the weight of bombing and siege. Egypt is making every effort to bring aid into the Strip through the Rafah crossing.

The summit’s host, China, has a long history of supporting the Palestinians. The visiting diplomats were informed by Foreign Minister Wang Yi that Gaza was experiencing “a humanitarian disaster” and that it needed to be stopped.

Before urging the international community to “act urgently” to stop the war from spreading, he stated that the situation in Gaza “affects all countries around the world, questioning the human sense of right and wrong and humanity’s bottom line.”

Wang reportedly told his Saudi counterpart Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud over the phone that “Israel’s actions have gone beyond self-defense” after the war broke out last month.

Wang and other Chinese officials demanded a “cooling down” and an immediate ceasefire.

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More than 13, 000 Palestinians have died in Gaza and 1,200 in Israel as a result of the war, which Beijing has repeatedly urged to end.

Zhai Jun, Beijing’s envoy to the Middle East, visited the area last month in search of a military solution. He has also been in talks with Russia about collaborating to help Israel and Palestine come to an agreement on two states.

Wang emphasized Beijing’s status as “a good friend and brother of Arab and Muslim countries” once more at the summit.

In this conflict, China firmly stands with justice and fairness, he declared.

He continued, “We are ready to collaborate with our brothers and sisters in Arab and Islamic nations to work tirelessly to end the conflict in Gaza.

According to political analyst Ibrahim Fraihat, the meetings are evidence that China is expanding its global reach by filling the US’s power vacuum.

According to Fraihat of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, “the US has shot itself in the foot by shifting all of its weight behind Israel’s side, and by doing so, it has diminished its role as a credible third party intervener.”

Source: Aljazeera


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