Britney Spears breaks cover for the first time since the release of her bombshell memoir

Britney Spears breaks cover for the first time since the release of her bombshell memoir

Since the publication of her explosive memoir The Woman In Me, Britney Spears has not been seen for the first time.

In the first week alone, the book, which was released at the beginning of this month, sold more than 1.1 million copies in the US. Since the film’s release, Britney, 41, has maintained a low profile. However, this past weekend, after having dinner at the West Hollywood Chateau Marmont, she was spotted out with her manager Cade Hudson and her tiny white dog, Snow.

Justin Timberlake, about whom Britney makes several claims in the book, was spotted at a Los Angeles movie premiere before she left. Britney’s clingy orange dress, which had a split to the thigh and highlighted her dependable pair of beige knee-high boots, was worn during her outing.

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Since the publication of her autobiography (Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images), Britney Spears, who is pictured in 2017, has maintained a low profile.
The strange dance was recorded in April
Britney is shown in a dance video she made at home (britneyspears/Instagram).

The mother of two was seen holding her phone in one hand and carrying a sizable white bucket bag under the other in photos taken by TMZ. Around her shoulders and down her back, her blonde hair was loose.

Fans of Britney’s book are enjoying it, but some people are uneasy about some of its revelations, including her sons Sean Preston, 18, and Jayden James, 17, whose father is Kevin Federline, her ex-husband. The claims made in the Toxic hitmaker’s tell-all book are “devastated,” according to an insider close to her, and some of the bombshell revelations have “heartbroken” them.

Britney wrote about having cocktails with her mother at the age of 13 and revealed in the explosive memoir that she had an abortion at age 20 while dating Justin Timberlake. They feel the book is way too much, the insider continued. They believe Britney is approaching her reunion in the wrong manner if she wants to do so.

The Woman In Me sold over 1.1million copies in its first week of release
In its first week of publication, The Woman In Me (Getty Images) sold more than 1.1 million copies.

Britney’s three-year relationship with Timberlake, whom she met while they were child stars on The Mickey Mouse Club, also revealed more significant secrets. Their first kiss was actually the result of a dare, despite her claims that it wasn’t always romantic.

She also admitted that she was “devastated” when he broke up with her over text. She claimed that although they had once been “magnetic,” their relationship quickly deteriorated and ended in March 2002.

She asserts that he left her heartbroken after sending her a cruel two-word text message. When she opened the message, which read “It’s over!” she was filming the Overprotected video. ‘.’ .

The toxic hitmaker acknowledged that because of her heartbreak, she had fantasies about quitting her show business after being dumped. Britney criticized the media in her memoir for calling her a “harlot who’d broken the heart of America’s golden boy.”

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