BBC Escape to the Country Jules Hudson’s life from scammer hell to money woes and rarely-seen wife

BBC Escape to the Country Jules Hudson’s life from scammer hell to money woes and rarely-seen wife

Jules Hudson had to learn the hard way how to manage his finances.

The television personality has been a recognizable face on our screens for almost 20 years. She is best known for hosting BBC’s Escape to the Country and appearing on Countryfile. lives a quiet life away from the cameras, but over the years, he has shared some uncommon insights.

The 53-year-old TV host has discussed his financial struggles, including the time he lost about £60,000,000. Here, we examine Jules’ financial struggles and daily life with his infrequently seen wife, Tania Fitzgerald.

For many years, he has been a well-known TV face (Getty Images)
Jules and Tania
In 2016, Jules and his wife Tania got married (@taniafitzgerald2788/Instagram).

Jules resides in Herefordshire with his other half, Tania. Jack, their young son, and Teddy and Lolo, two Labradors, live with them. The star enjoys renovating his historic home and garden and describes himself as a “zealous countryman and craftsman.” A few years ago, the newlyweds left the capital to find a more comfortable location. They got married in 2016.

Jules said, “I found London to be very claustrophobic,” in a speech to The Times in 2020. I adore the energy it has, but I also need some room and greenery. We were certain that we were looking for something roomy and outbuilding-friendly. And I really valued the fact that it had a plot of its own.

Jules has referred to a calm Sunday away from busy schedules and cameras as his ideal day off work. He told the Express, “My ideal day is a nice, warm, sunny Sunday when my wife, son, and I are all out gardening and enjoying ourselves immensely.” “I adore it when we are absorbed in the practicalities of being outside, getting messy, and transforming the garden” and there is no one to call or bother with.

Jules has spoken openly about his financial struggles during the pandemic, despite the fact that his career has continued to grow. He claimed that losing a “lot of expected income” had been “financial devastating” when discussing his earnings with The Scottish Mail in 2020. Normally, he said, “I’d be filming Escape to the Country right now, and I’m thinking of going on a tour to promote my most recent book.” Of course, everything has been canceled. I lost between £50,000 and £60,000 in anticipated income this quarter.

He has two dogs and is the father of one (no credit)

Jules has previously expressed his financial struggles, so this is not the first time. The presenter admitted to being defrauded online in 2020 and never receiving his money back. “I once thought it was too good to be true when I purchased a quad bike on eBay for £1,600,” and I was right. He revealed to the Financial Mail on Sunday that a con artist had defrauded me in Spain. “I got a hard lesson by transferring the money right into his account.” There was never a bike like that.

Jules, who typically manages his finances sparingly, was truly shocked by the incident. He continued, “My parents are frugal with their money, so I’ve tried to do the same and avoid taking too many chances.” Jules was raised by hard-working parents; his mother ran a bed and breakfast while his father worked as an engineer. We weren’t the kind of family that traveled to Spain every year, he added, adding that they had put him through boarding school.

Jules discussed his relationship with his wife at home and how his job at BBC affects them in his most recent interview. Anyone who leads a busy life will attest to the difficulty of juggling work and family responsibilities. He told the Express, “Trying to balance it all can be difficult, but it’s a partnership, through the family. We have our own life here in Hertfordshire that is very dear to us. We are all aware that it is a part of our working lives; we have mortgages, bills, and other obligations. To be honest, you just have to put in a lot of effort and play; it’s not simple, but that is the problem that every family in the country faces.

“I hope to perform Escape to the Country for as long as I’m able and for however long the show will allow me to,” the father-of-one continued. Country life is who I am and was before I came to present Escape to the Country, in my opinion. For many people, it’s a huge step, so having the opportunity to impart that knowledge, experience, advice, and tricks has become very much my way of life. It’s a show I’m incredibly fond of, and I absolutely adore it. It means a lot to me.

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