APC Lawmaker Defends ‘I Know Whom We Know’ Comment

APC Lawmaker Defends ‘I Know Whom We Know’ Comment

Yusuf Gagdi, a representative from the House of Representatives, has clarified his contentious claim that “I know whom we know.”

Gagdi defended his remark on Monday’s Politics Today on Channels Television.

We will know who they know and who we know at the Supreme Court, the House of Representatives member declared yesterday during a public gathering.

The lawmaker’s remark drew criticism from a variety of sources, leading to calls for an apology in front of the public.

He explained the significance of the contentious phrase and claimed that it has been a recurring theme in all of his political communications ever since he began running for office.

“We know who they know, but they don’t know whom we know,” he said, “has always been my catchphrase since the beginning of my political career.

My catchphrase has always been, “We know who they know, but they don’t know whom we know,” he said, going back to the beginning of his political career.

“I can provide a video citation of this statement I made while running for Plateau State House of Assembly.”

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The 43-year-old cited video proof that he used this statement in both his first and second terms as president of the Plateau State House of Assembly and the National Assembly.

He said, “I can show you both the videos of the statements I made while running for the National Assembly during my first term and the ones I have made now that I’ve run for my second term.”

The lawmaker claimed that when he ran for office in the House of Assembly or during his first term as a representative, the claim was never contested.

When I was running for the House of Assembly and my first term as a representative, why didn’t that bother them? He enquired.

They should pay close attention when I say, “We know whom,” rather than “Who we know.”

Gagdi remarked andnbsp that he means “we know God” by saying, “We know whom.” He claimed that his opponents might be underestimating the strength of faith, saying, “Perhaps I’m up against someone who believes that their strength will grant them what God cannot.”

Source: Channels TV


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