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N1bn Terrorism Fund Not Included In Budget – Tanko Yinusa


Tanko Yinusa

The National Chairman, National Conscience Party, Mr Tanko Yinusa has criticized the plan of the Federal Government to spend N1bn from the nation’s excess crude account.

His reaction on Sunday comes few days after the 36 state governors gave the Federal Government approval to utilise $1billion from Nigeria’s excess crude account to tackle Boko Haram insurgency.

This has generated criticisms from the opposing Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose, among others who condemned the plan by the Federal Government to use such huge amount to tackle Boko Haram insurgency which they claimed they had already succeeded in.

“Why is it that it is not part of the budget for 2018? Why are we taking it towards the end of the year? In December, how is this particular money going to be used? How will it be spent?” Mr Yinusa questioned while addressing the issue on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

While maintaining that no amount of money is too much to defend Nigeria’s territory, the NCP boss, however, said there should not be a misplacement of priority in its spending.

“To defend the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, no amount is too big but not a humongous amount that will create suspicion within the system and the people will be doubting whether that particular money is actually meant for the use of this insurgency.”

Furthermore, Mr Yinusa opined that the high rate of crime could reduce drastically if the government uses the same amount in empowering the youths.

“The Nigerian youths are so much in abject poverty. They don’t even have hope, they do not even have anything they could hold unto that tomorrow will be better.

“Such money should have been used to help in reducing the unemployed youths to make them have good employment.

“That would have helped in curbing a lot of the criminal tended minds that we have in the youths rather than taking that sum of money used. The assertion is that it is going to be used for election purposes,” he stressed.

Source: Channels TV

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